A Day In The Life Dvd

A Day In The Life Dvd

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A DAY IN THE LIFE by Matt Gye !!!

This film is amazing, it starts off with a Metallica Tune called Frantic with some shocking images of various pits from around the globe.

You'll get a day in the life of Ry Craike, Joel Parkinson, Jamie O'Brien, Damon Eastough, Metallica (the drummer tony shredds), Dean Morrison, Mick Fanning, Masatoshi Ohno, Damien and C.j Hobgood, Rizal Tandjung, Jay Phillips, Tim Turner, Andy and Bruce, Jake Paterson, Shaun Harrington and a few of their mates.

The music is unreal too with tunes from Metallica, The Beautiful Girls, Switchkicker, Agaugefor, Grinspoon, Primary, The Camels, Circular Prism, Good Buddha, Ryan Toohey, Chris Raggatt, Ken Eichenberg and the Mars Volta.

There are also tonnes of bonus bits, you can just listen to the music, there's Quik programmes, FCS film, hidden features in the Vault.